Town of Elba, New York

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Reflective Address Signs
The Elba Fire Department still has Reflective Address Signs available. The cost to you is only $10.00 a piece. You can contact Fire Chief Mike Heale at 757-9011. Leave him a message and he will get in touch with you.

About Elba

Elba is a charming community in Genesee County in which neighborliness, hard work, and community pride flourish. We are a picturesque town of multigenerational families, churches, fine sports teams, family farms and outstanding local artists.


Rich in history and agriculture, The Town of Elba is home to two of the nation's top 100 farms as well as one of America's most highly praised “community-supported agriculture” organic farms. Several family dairy farms are located within our town. 


Our 2500 acres of rich muckland soil yield a bounty of crops, most notably onions, earning Elba the title of “Onion Capital of the World.” Held in August, The Elba Volunteer Fire Department's annual Onion Festival is the social event of the year.




Located six miles north of Batavia, Elba has its own K-12 school, which is a source of pride and community spirit. 

Elba is a friendly and close-knit place. Life in Elba proceeds at a more human pace than in the cities and suburbs; people know each other and look out for one another. We welcome you, either as a visitor or a new neighbor.

The Daily News is the official paper where all of the town’s legal ads are published.